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Sciencia potentia est

When I started my pharma & biotech consultancy and was searching for a name, the Latin aphorism by Sir Francis Bacon caught my attention: Scientia potentia est or Knowledge is power.

Drug development is like
going down the rabbit hole

The deeper we go, the more complex it gets. I believe that knowledge is the key to successfully navigate through the rabbit hole and coming out at the other end with a safe and efficient compound. SciPot Consultancy offers support along the way, specifically around transition from late-preclinical to clinical stages.


Internationally acknowledged immunogenicity & (bio) analytical expert. Projects range from assay development, validation & troubleshooting, gap analysis, tech transfer, innovation/strategy management, vendor audit and oversight.

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Throughout the year you can find me at conferences as an invited speaker or participant to stay in touch with current topics, changes and new regulations. Feel free to reach out to me beforehand to arrange a coffee date or just find me during the event.

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As with anything in life, we cannot exist without relationships. People to support us and help us grow. I have the honor to be part of great partnerships enabling me to have a very strong network in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

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my story

My curiosity for viruses was already triggered during my teenage years. Naturally, when it was time to choose a study, it had to be infectious diseases. I went to the Philipps University of Marburg to study “human biology” with a major in infectious diseases. My master thesis was…


meet me

Sharing my knowledge and meeting new people at seminars, training courses or when visiting congresses around the world. I am always on the lookout to broaden my network and get to know inspiring people and their organisations.

Growth never occurs by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.