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ViroVet is a pioneering company dedicated to the development of disruptive and innovative technologies for the control of viral diseases in livestock, with antiviral drugs and innovative vaccines in the pipeline.



Staten Biotechnology

Staten Biotechnology is developing a human monoclonal antibody with a unique approach towards neutralizing apoC3-a, key molecule in dyslipidaemia management.



N4 Pharma

N4Pharma’s works on an innovative delivery system, Nuvec®.

Nuvec® is an engineered silica nanoparticle, which has been designed for the intracellular delivery of large nucleic acids such as pDNA and mRNA and is in the advanced research phase.


And Ad-hoc clients ranging from biotech to pharma across the world.


"We have engaged the services of Melody for over a year now and her knowledge has been a huge help as an input to the development of our biological program has been incredibly helpful. Melody is also a delight to work with and direct to the point which in my view is just what is needed in a consultant who is part of our team"
Nigel Theobald
CEO - N4 Pharma Plc
"Melody combines a deep knowledge of the biotech industry with quick responsiveness and trustworthiness. Her no-nonsense, hands-on approach has helped us set up a state-of-the-art, regulatory-compliant bioprocess. Her cheerful and overall pleasant personality has made working with her an absolute delight over the last 3 years."
Nesya Goris
LifeSciences Consulting BV
avatar anonymous testimonial
“We started working with Melody for a specific project that she helped us navigate, and since then we’ve worked together in a number of broader areas to help us improve our processes and ensure that we’re not just delivering the work, but doing it well. Melody has been a huge help, offering advice, reviewing material and suggesting improvements. She is a pleasure to work with, always quick to respond, and makes herself available at short notice.”
Anonymous client
"We have engaged the services of Melody for over a year now and her knowledge has been a huge help running critical parts of our monoclonal development program. Melody has supported us with great skills and her network in the field proved to be of great help to Staten Biotech. Melody has also contributed to maintaining the good team spirit in our virtual setting, and given me a lot of support as a CEO on critical topics."
Hilde Steineger
CEO - Staten Biotechnology

These reviews are directly received through my clients. Due to the content of my work and field, some of them I have to publish anonymously. Non-anonymized reviews can be found on my LinkedIn page.

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